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Organic Coffee Brazil

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Single Origin Organic
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Making high quality coffee is not that different from making a good wine. With Singulars signature blend, we use only the best beans possible, from a single farm and land area. They are hand picked and master roasted locally, leaving you with a coffee that has a multitude of flavors, aftertaste and originality.

We have the honor to work with one of the best coffee farms in the world, Fazenda Minamihara. The coffee beans are grown under the shade of Avocado Trees, and the farm’s soil is organically balanced, giving special complexity to the final cup. The Minamihara family has passed skills and passion for coffee cultivation from one generation to the next, since they moved to Brazil and started developing their coffee in the 1930s. The farm holds an organic certificate, meaning that there are no toxic pesticides or herbicides used, only biological treatments. The production process does not degrade the land and at the same time elevates the quality. Expertly Roasted to perfection in Stockholm by Alexander Ruas @ Standout Coffee. Being quite passionate consumers of Coffee, let’s just say we have met our match (and it’s one made in heaven).

Singulars coffee honors the general process of all quality coffee and do not not over-roast the beans, resulting in a slightly lighter roast level then some might be used to (to not damage the taste notes of the beans).

Made in Brazil by Standout Coffee exclusively for Singular Society


Roast instructions: Use high-quality machinery and app. 65 grams per litre, depending on your preferred strength.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
Ingredients/Ingredienser: 100% Organic Coffee beans/100% Ekologiska kaffebönor
Farm: Fazenda Minamihara.
Location: Alta Mogiana, Brazil (Alt. 1,000 MSL).
Farmer: Anderson Mitsuhiro Minamihara.
Variety: Red Obatã.
Taste Notes: Chocolate, Cherry and Sugarcane.

Non-EU Agriculture.

Our prices are fixed to the true value of garments, materials, craftmanship, and accountability.

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Standout Coffee
We work tightly together with Standout Coffee, one of the worlds leading and award-winning producers of high-quality coffee, representing Sweden several times in the Barista World Cup. They work relentlessly in their pursuit of modernising the coffee industry at large as well as raising the bar on what a cup of java can taste like.