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Michaela Wissén Berglind is the lifestyle and travel photographer known for her mesmerising images captured across the globe. Her home is a collection of unique furniture and objects from her many journeys, each telling a story of its own. Here, Michaela explains why mixing and matching is the way to go and highlights her five favourite Singular picks. Follow her at @michawissen.

How would you describe your home and your decoration philosophy?

My home is a collection of furniture and objects that ease my mind and bring me joy. I love to find unique pieces alongside my travels, they always bring me back to a happy memory. There is also something special about combining new timeless objects with vintage. For me, it’s important that every single corner or nook is special and in a way tells its own story.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My biggest source of inspiration has always been travelling, but when it comes to interior design I also get inspiration from visiting flea markets and my friends with impeccable style. I also spend hours on Pinterest.

How do you set your table for a nice dinner?

I love to keep the tableware clean with minimal colours and mix in some unique serving pieces in soothing colours or prints. Some wood for texture and a beautiful but simple bouquet of flowers in a fun vase. I usually always start with placemats and let them set the tone for the table. If I go for a more neutral colour I like to add pops of colour by incorporating coloured serving plates, toned glasses or some coloured napkins. I also like to mix in some wood and metal. But I can spend hours rearranging things on the table, it's like putting together a puzzle for me!

What do you typically cook if you have friends over for dinner?

I make a large cheese board with different crackers, big green olives and some marmalade before dinner, then I'll probably serve a pasta family style. I love serving a meal in one pot. For dessert, I love making a messy pavlova!

You have a lot of nice open spaces in your apartment, how has that affected the interior?

I want my home to feel roomy and welcoming, so having open spaces allows for an airy living room while still being able to utilize nooks and corners for my random collection of furniture and objects that I sometimes buy without a purpose. Corners always give them a good space.

What are your main kitchen essentials?

Beautiful ceramics, linens and a good cooking pot. I love mixing old with new when it comes to kitchen essentials.

What's the best way to elevate any living room?

Incorporating different textures like stone, wood, fabric, and glass. I love mixing and matching. But also don’t be afraid of using colour here and there.

How do you turn your bedroom into a sanctuary for perfect sleep?

For me soothing colours and cozy layered fabrics are key. I keep our bedroom pretty simple, I want to be able to walk in and instantly feel calm. For me, less is more when it comes to interiors in the bedroom.


Cutting Boards

I just love all the Cutting Boards. They are massive yet so clean in their design.

Wool Cashmere Blanket

I also love the Wool Blankets, it’s all I need on my couch or bed. The quality is like a big warm hug.

Organic Cotton Towels

There is nothing like getting out of the shower and being embraced by a big soft fabric! The colour light grey is so perfect against our stone.

Enamelled Casserole Pot

The Casserole Pots are all amazing. I love the colour tones and sizes they come in.

Jacquard Weave Bedspread

The Jacquard Weave Bedspread is also a favourite. It's so soft and really adds something extra to the bedroom!