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  • Singular Society is a membership based brand that offers products as a service. For a small monthly fee It gives access to life essentials at cost price. Responsibly made in the highest possible quality, by some of the worlds best manufacturers.
  • Aviator launch!

  • Introducing the Peniche Aviator Titanium Sunglasses. Handmade in close partnership with Nakanishi Vision in Japan, a family-owned company with the highest possible respect for tradition and craft, paired with modern innovative techniques. Stay shady, friends.
  • Tough Love

  • Our breathable bed linen series has arrived! Lightly textured and cool to the touch, this natural fiber fabric is prized for its durability, breathability and lived-in look. Our bed linen are stonewashed for that incredible ”already used” softness with a french seam on the inside to give a comfortable edge.

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Singular Society is a membership based brand that offers access to the things you need and want in life, at the price of what it cost to make. Responsibly made in the highest possible quality, by some of the world's best manufacturers. Learn more About us and How it works.

reviews from our members

Singular Society has fantastic quality products at very reasonable prices. Would highly recommend everyone to try it out!

Top quality stuff! A membership I’ve always wanted. Cashmere, Coffee and candles - basically all you need!

I want to give the staff in the store an extra thank you, they are all doing a fantastic job, they are so helpful and make you feel very welcome.

I think you are doing such a good job and I just love the concept. Not only me, I brought my dad, 80 year old to your fantastic store and he also loved it and his comment was, finally, this is something I have been looking for.

I’m loving the service and products from Singular Society. In particular the towels and bathrobes are of very high quality for their price. Actually, not just for their price. I much prefer my Singular Society bathrobe to the one I have from a well-known, high-end supplier to hotels.

I’m really satisfied with the products I have bought and now you are my first destination when it comes to shop presents as well.

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