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Welcome to the Singular Society

Singular Society is a membership based brand that offers access to the things you need and want in life, at the price of what they cost to make. Responsibly made in the highest possible quality, by some of the world's best manufacturers.

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The Singular Guides help you navigate our categories, products and materials, as well as guide you on how to responsibly take care of your products.



If you have nerd tendencies leather is a field where you can lose yourself in an almost surreal amount of details. So… we’ll try to keep it simple. The truth is that well-crafted products made from leather of the highest quality (full grain) are often so expensive that only a lucky few can afford them. And that’s a pity, because if they are treated well, they can last a lifetime.


Cooking with high quality equipment is like dancing with the right shoes. A razor sharp knife, frying pans that perform at their best on all occasions, a solid roaster and pots with even heat distribution. Be careful, and treat them with love and respect, and they will be your best friends in the kitchen for many years to come. Here are some use and care tips.


The average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life, so let’s do what we can to make them good years, right? With our collection of high quality bedroom products we aim to create the best conditions possible for a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams.


Introduction The worlds best cashmere comes from the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, so naturally, this is where our cashmere comes from. If you have ever bought or felt a piece of the real thing, you will know how incredibly soft it is to touch, and both highly insulating and breathable at the same time. Because of it’s long fibers (up to 50mm long) and extremely thin (14-19 microns, compared to human hair that is around 100 microns). We only use 100% Grade A Cashmere, that are then processed and skillfully crafted into timeless, durable cashmere products from our knitting partners. Care for it, and it can last for a long time. Material Quality cashmere comes form the underbelly of the goats, and is called Grade A. It’s collected once every year, in spring, when the weather turns warm. The process is carried out by hand to ensure the cashmere is purer, and to minimize guard hairs (lower quality cashmere can be collected through shearing, and by using fibers from other parts than the underbelly). Spinning After sorting and washing, it’s spun into threads. The threads can be twisted to create thicker threads (ply), meaning that a 1-ply is a single thread, where’s a 2-ply is two threads twisted together in the spinning process. The higher the Ply (amounts of threads twisted together) the thicker and more durable the threads become. It also decreases pilling. Knitting The closeness of the knit is indicated with a gauge number, where the higher the number is the thinner and lighter the fabric becomes. Meaning that a 14-gauge fabric will be lighter, and use less cashmere yarn in the knitting process. The lower the gauge is, the thicker and more dense the fabric becomes. Care Advice Most of the time, just hanging it out in the fresh air for a while will do the trick, but for whenever you need to clean your cashmere product properly, use delicate/wool&cashmere detergents, your washing machines wool program, 30 degrees max, short washing and no centrifuge or tumble drying. Then lay it out on a bath towel on a flat surface and let it dry, letting the towel absorb all of the water. Make sure to not stretch it.You can also wash cashmere by hand, just make sure to use the delicate/wool&cashmere detergent and maximum 30 degrees, then gently let it swirl for a while, and make sure to avoid wringing or stretching. Pilling The higher the quality of the cashmere is (longer fibers), the less pilling there will be, but all cashmere products will eventually start pilling, it’s a natural process caused by friction. To remove pilling, by a cashmere comb, it will quickly and easily remove any occurrence of pilling. Keep in Mind When you buy cashmere, make sure you get the real deal, and that it’s made from a manufacturer that you trust. Look out for the origin (Mongolia/China is where the best and most durable cashmere is made), the gauge count, ply, fiber length and micron thickness.   SHOP CASHMERE


There are many so-called “style rules” regarding socks: colour combinations, certain lengths and styles. To be honest: We don’t care about any of them. However, we care that the sock you choose to wear is made of high quality. A pair of high-quality socks will cover and keep your feet warm, protect them from abrasion, soak up your perspiration and keep their shape and colour for a long time after dancing around in the washing machine.


Why the t-shirt? How come the t-shirt is the most worn garment in the history of mankind? Well, it started with a slogan: “It’s an undershirt, it’s an outershirt”, stated in 1938 by the American retailer Sears, Roebuck and Company. The slogan made the t-shirt wearable for all occasions. But the journey started way earlier, as an undergarment for the upper class in the 19-th century. The t-shirt went through many changes in terms of shape, material and form before Fruit of the Loom started with mass marketing in the 1910's. By the 1930’s the t-shirt was standard among athletes and sailors and in the Second World War, the US Army was issuing white, short-sleeved, cotton t-shirts to their troops. In the 1950’s the garment found its way to Hollywood via Marlon Brando and James Dean… and the rest is, as we all know, history. One t-shirt to rule them all… or? A t-shirt is never just a t-shirt. How you wear it, and when depends on the shape, material and colour. You can go white for classic, black for dressed up, merino for heat, cotton for everyday life, cashmere for everyday luxury, thick for streetwear, thin linen for beach life and so on. The different aspects you need to consider first and foremost are: the shape of the tee, the length of the sleeve, the making, the neckline type, thickness and breathability of the material. Different materials Different kinds of cotton are the most common material in a t-shirt. Organic cotton is softer and more comfortable than regular treated cotton. Grown with no harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Egyptian Cotton, Pima cotton and (on top of the circus) Sea Island cotton are considered to be the highest quality cotton you can get. These cottons are made from extra-long fibers, which makes the t-shirt extremely soft and durable, resisting pilling, fading, and stretching in an excellent way. Other materials suitable for t-shirts are merino wool – breathable and still with a warming effect, cashmere, which is incredibly soft to the touch, highly insulating and breathable. And of course linen, the perfect summer choice with it’s cooling and airy effect. Make it last When washing, always use cold water which is more gentle. Go for a maximum of 30 degrees to extend the lifespan of your t-shirts made from all sorts of cotton or linen. Wools, including cashmere and merino are prone to felting and shrinking when washed, so treat them with care. Use ”Delicate wool & cashmere detergents”, a garment bag and your washing machines wool program on a maximum of 30 degrees. No centrifuge or tumble drying. Then lay it out on a bath towel on a flat surface and let it dry. Make sure to not stretch it. You can also wash cashmere and wool by hand. SHOP T-SHIRTS Our models The Singular Society collection of high quality t-shirts is a range of different styles and materials, creating a selection of tees that will stand the test of time and fulfill most needs and preferences – no matter the place or occasion. Organic Linen Tee Made from 100 % organic linen, our summer t-shirt has amazing cooling and airy effects. It’s the perfect choice when looking for a soft, casual and comfortable tee for all occasions in a warmer climate. Reinforced stitches at shoulder seam and a nice shape that fits most body types. 160g Egyptian Cotton T-shirt Our everyday lightweight essential tee leaves nothing to chance. It’s made from 100% Egyptian cotton, a classic round neck rib collar, and a tailored yet still casual cut. A true full blood that will fit most body types, styles and occasions. 150g Sea Island T-shirt Sea Island Cotton (Gyssopium Barbadense) originates from South America and the Caribbean. It's the finest cotton known to man thanks to its unparalleled softness, durability and fiber quality. Its limited areas of origin also means that it is quite rare to come across, to say the least, especially in a t-shirt. 220g Roundneck Pocket Tee Our heavy jersey tee made from 100% organic long staple cotton is the perfect stand alone t-shirt when you want to go for a little more character. The top applied neck rib and patch pocket with rounded corners combined with the incredible thickness and softness gives it the perfect combination of a tailored but still relaxed everyday look. Roundneck Ultralight Cashmere T-shirt Made from the finest Grade A Cashmere yarn, this straight cut round neck cashmere t-shirt is the epitome of everyday luxury. It has a generous fit and unbelievable softness. It fits any occasion and has the power to not only keep you warm during unpredictable weather, but it is also highly breathable and light. It’s the perfect companion for spring or autumn. Merino T-shirt Made from 100% Australian Superfine Merino Wool and a retro-style sewn-on cuff, this is not your average t-shirt. Perfect for spring or versatile weather as it’s made to be highly breathable and still with a warming effect, but it can be a preferred choice also for its aesthetic appeal and fit. SHOP T-SHIRTS


For our selection of state of the art teas we’re partnering with Mount Everest Tea Company GmbH Germany, one of the oldest tea companies in Europe, certified according to the International Food Standard (IFS) as well as for the processing and trade of products from controlled organic cultivation. This means our teas originate from some of the most significant and unique tea growing areas in the world.


Doing laundry is one of those chores most of us learn as kids, and then we stick to our guns forever and ever. But washing clothes is a field where there’s been tremendous development, and we should keep learning to improve our skills, and our ability to choose working materials. Because we don’t want to miss out on the science that makes our clothes last longer. Do we? Here are some basic tips that will keep your clothes so fresh, so clean Outkast would be proud.


Our collection of sunglasses ”The modern archetype series” consists of seven different models, all with their unique, mediterranean flavoured names such as ”Palmarola”, ”Illetes” and ”Cavallo”. But… where do the names actually come from? Welcome to the Singular Society beach guide. The seven hidden gems of Europe that named our collection of shades.


We know, there are one or two acronyms and abbreviations to keep track of these days. But don’t panic. We’re here to help. Below you’ll find a dictionary of our partners' certifications. What they mean, and where you most likely will find them. We’re proud to work with partners that carry these certificates as they confirm important quality standards in our supply chain. When we make a product promise to our members, we need to know that we can live up to it – taking all points of view into consideration. Securing all steps in our production chain is a crucial part of that promise. So, let’s decrypt the letters.

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