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The average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life, so let’s do what we can to make them good years, right? With our collection of high quality bedroom products we aim to create the best conditions possible for a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams.

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Good night, and good luck – Check your sleep quality

There are four (perhaps 5 even) criteria to look into:

1. Sleep latency: Drifting off within 30 minutes or less is your goal.
2. Sleep waking: Waking up once or not at all suggests that your sleep quality is good.
3. Wakefulness: You should not be awake more than 20 minutes per night after you first go to sleep.
4. Sleep efficiency: The amount of time you spend actually sleeping while in bed should ideally be 85 percent or more.
5. Your bed feels like your best friend. Oh… let’s look into that one a little bit more :-)


Sateen or Percale?

Cool it of

Go for linen

Make it hassle free

Oversized flat sheets and magic knots

Duvet material

Down or Down alternative?


Scientists say that the perfect sleeping beauty temperature is 18.3 °C. It’s hard to dictate the weather, but what you on the other hand actually can dictate is the thickness of your duvet.
We offer all of our duvets (down or down alternative) in three different fill powers – light, medium or thick. Light would be the summer version and thick for all you really frozen ones. No matter what thickness you choose, we guarantee that luxurious fluffy feeling is intact.

Pillow thickness

How do you prefer to sleep?

The Downtopper aka The lifehack of lifehacks

A warm hug from your bed

Setting up your Downtopper

Three layer magic


Padded, Waffle knit or Jacquard?

Colours, colours colours!

Mixing and matching