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Singular Society is a membership based lifestyle brand that designs, develops and manufactures premium products that last longer and make our everyday lives a little bit better—for the price they cost to make.

Every product we have is there for a reason. If it can’t be produced at the highest of quality, with minimal impact and sold at a better price than traditional retail, it won’t see the light of day. No shortcuts, no markups, full transparency.

Since we sell our products at the price they cost to make, we don’t make profits from the products themselves. The membership fee is what keeps the business alive. This way of working enables us to minimize overproduction, which is one of the biggest environmental challenges our industry needs to tackle.

If you are in Stockholm, come visit us at our flagship store at Gamla Brogatan 28. If you have any questions, feedback or requests for new products, just shoot us an email at

Singular Society is a part of the H&M group.