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How it works

What is Singular Society? 

Singular Society is a membership based brand that offers products as a service. For a small monthly fee It gives access to life essentials at cost price. Responsibly made in the highest possible quality, by some of the worlds best manufacturers.

We operate in a similar way to familiar subscription based services, like Netflix and Spotify, in the sense that we as a company base our income on the subscription fee, not from what we offer or sell (but there is clearly a difference, as what we offer is products, not entertainment or music). Our goal is to build and maintain a long term relationship with our members, rather than pushing short-term sales.

By building our business around a monthly subscription fee, and looking at our assortment as a service to our members, we are able to make responsible products – in the highest possible quality and design from the worlds best manufacturers – and sell them at a fraction of the cost from what traditional brands would charge for the same products. Essentially making uncompromised quality and design accessible to all our members, at prices that makes sense. Read more About us.

How does it work? 

You can choose between our BASE and PLUS membership plans. BASE allows you to buy 5 products per month, and PLUS 25 products per month (depending on your personal and/or family needs of basic replenishment supplies and more long-term needs). You can choose to pay monthly or annually. All memberships runs on a 12 months basis. Memberships is charged in Swedish crowns (SEK).

You may cancel your membership (free opt-out) within the first 30 days as long as any items purchased during this period is returned upon cancelling your membership.

Read more about our membership subscription plans here.

How do I join?

1. To join, simply start by signing up to our waiting list.

2. After you have been accepted, you will receive an invitation to your email to sign up for a membership with us.

3. Once you have been accepted, create your account and choose between our different membership levels and payment options. 

All signups will be invited to join in order of when they signed up.

As of now, Singular Society is by invitation only, simply because our primary focus is on our members. As we don't make money off what we sell, we need to grow in a controlled way, so that we can guarantee the service level for all of our members before we accept any new members.

That being said, we let new members in as fast as we can, so don't hesitate to sign up to our waitlist, you'll be invited to join as soon as we are ready, so that you can enjoy the same service as our existing members.

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