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Your home is your castle, at least if you ask Sofi Fahrman Engelbert. Sofi is the journalist, author and bon vivant with a love for fashion and interior design, followed by her fans at @sofifahrman1

As ambassador for Singular Society, Sofi shares her best interior tips and showcases her five favourite Singular picks from her home.

Sofi, how would you describe your home?

My favourite place in the world. This is where I’m charging with family and friends, enjoy cooking, arranging beautiful objects that catch my eye and find my creativity. Our home enriches my everyday experience. 

What's your philosophy when decorating your home?

A peaceful base when it comes to wall colour, curtains and wooden flooring. Then I add colour and creative injections through art, fabrics, stone work and decorative objects. I’m styling my home like I’m styling an outfit. I will spend money on accessories and in my home my favourite accessory is art. 

What's important to you when choosing products in general?

Quality, quality and quality. That’s why I love working with Singular Society. They take pride in sourcing the best products in every single category. 


Setting the table – Lead-Free Crystal Wine Glasses

The wine glasses are the table's accessory number one. They can be very thin, that’s why I like the 100% Lead-Free Crystal Wine Glass Series. I always add something on the table that is in season. Around Christmas I like decorating the table with small branches from our Christmas tree. And sprinkle with white flowers, thin wine glasses and levelled candles. Use candle holders in different heights. 

Elevate the living room – A stylish Wool Cashmere Blanket

You elevate a home with the right styling and home accessories. For the living room I use different sources of lighting, cosy blankets, inspirational books and great conversations. The Wool Cashmere Blanket is a true favourite, I have several and have given away several as gifts.

A bathroom sanctuary – Large Towels

How do I turn my bathroom into a sanctuary? Well, scented candles, my favourite bathtub filled with bubbles and dimmed light. Preferably together with my husband. When it comes to drying, I love large towels. They are so cosy and stylish. My choice would be the Bath Sheet 100x150cm, made in Portugal from 100% organic cotton.

The everyday luxury – A nice smelling Hand wash

Also for the bathroom: Hand soaps. I like it when the packaging is subtle, and then the scent is crucial. My favourite from Singular is called Neroli Green Tea Rosewood, and it's made in Italy.

4 x kitchen essentials – The must-have kit 

My four must-haves in the kitchen are a good Oakwood Cutting Board, a stylish Marble Mortar, Stainless steel Knives, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These four things turn your everyday kitchen experience into a hallelujah moment and Singular has it all.