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Cutting Board

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Nordic oakwood
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  • FSC® Certified Class A Nordic Oakwood
  • Treated with organic cold-process linseed oil
  • Made in Finland
Allow us to introduce The Singular Society cutting board, entirely made from Class A Nordic Oak. 

Nordic Oak is among the most durable woods available which means that it is hard, compact, tough and durable. This model is treated with organic cold-process linseed oil to protect and give it it's exclusive and slightly darkened shade. The oak is made with the fibers lengthwise which makes this model extra durable. Thanks to the solid material, the cutting board can handle a damp kitchen environment and sharp knives without the slightest problem. In other words, it has the potential to last for a long time to come, if cared for correctly. 

Small -  L 30 cm, W 20 cm, H 3 cm
Medium - L 40 cm, W 25 cm, H 4 cm
Large - L 50 cm, W 30cm, H 4 cm
Extra Large -  L 60 cm, W 40 cm, H 5 cm

FSC® Certified
Made in Finland by EcoFurn exclusively for Singular Society. 

Nordic oakwood

Wash & Care

Wood is a living material that requires proper care to stay in shape over time, and to avoid it from curving, bending and dehydrating.

• Wash with lukewarm water and sparingly with mild detergent as it can easily dry out the cutting board.
• Dry with towel
• No dish washer (it will immediately break the board).
• Always wash the cutting board immediately after use.
• Do not allow food to dry on the cutting board.
• Store the cutting board dry.
• Oil the board regularly to saturate the wood, preferably weekly or biweekly. We recommend linseed or flaxseed oil. Apply abundantly oil and leave on overnight. If there are dry spots in the morning, add more oil. Do not machine wash and soak it in water. Wash it with warm water and detergent on both sides, rinse and let it dry upside down.

(End wood absorbs more moisture than a cutting board made of lying wood.) Pour the oil on a clean and dry board. Rub in with a cloth or kitchen paper. What has not been absorbed after an hour is wiped off with a dry cloth. Oil in the entire cutting board regularly and not just the top.

Read more on how to take care of your kitchen equipment in our Kitchen Care and Use Guide.

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Dafra and Ecofurn
We could not be any prouder of our collaboration with Swedish kitchen equipment experts Dafra, and Ecofurn, our finish manudacturers, that are true masters of their trade. Founded 2009 in Finland, and focused on ecological and sustainably produced state of the art products in FSC certified solid nordic woods.