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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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100% Cold-pressed organic
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  • Cold-pressed organic
  • Rich and naturally peppery flavour
  • Hojiblanca grapes
  • Made in Spain

Organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. The oil comes in a recyclable bottle, made from 100% Hojiblanca grapes from mature, organic naturally growing trees that makes for an extraordinary result. Harvested in the autumn, just before the rain starts, to maintain a rich and naturally peppery flavour with a clear, green colour. The majority of the world's best olive oil is produced in Andalucia, where our signature olive oil originates.

Content: Organic Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Volume: 500 ml
Recyclable bottle

Made in Spain by Molino Del Hortelano exclusively for Singular Society. 


(EN) Store in a cool, dry place.
High quality olive oil extracted directly from olives exclusively by a mechanical process

(SE) Förvara svalt och torrt
Olivolja av hög kvalité som utvunnits direkt ur oliver uteslutande genom en mekanisk process


Ingredients & Nutritional values

Ingredients (EN): Organic Extra virgin olive oil.

Nutritional values (100g). Energy 884 kcal / 3698 KJ.
Fat 100g (saturated fat 13.8g, Monounsaturated fat 73.8g,
Polyunsaturated fat 7.9g). Carbohydrates 0g (sugars 0g).
Protein 0g. Salt 0mg.

Ingredienser (SE): Ekologisk extra jungfru olivolja.

Näringsvärden (100g). Energi 884 kcal / 3698 KJ.
Fett 100g (mättat fett 13.8g, Enkelomättat fett 73.8g,
Fleromättat 7.9g). Kolhydrater 0g (socker 0g).
Protein 0g. Salt 0mg.

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Molino Del Hortelano
Our manufacturing partner Molino Del Hortelano in Malaga, Spain, dates its roots back several hundred years, and is to this day, true to the history and processes in producing outstanding olive oil. It operates entirely organically and is dedicated to cultivating it’s land and techniques that respects tradition, land and quality. The specific piece of land that our crop is grown at, Finca Pedro, 1km away, honors the same high standards and has a specifically excellent location.