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Chef's Knife 22 cm


Full product details
      • Sandvik 14c28n® martensitic blade steel
      • Handle made from Japanese pakkawood
      • Excellent edge stability and performance
      • HRC 60 hardness and good corrosion resistance
      • Easy re-sharpening

      The Chef's knife is your most essential kitchen tool. All cooking starts with chopping, slicing, and dicing ingredients, so you need a reliable friend with a sharp blade and the right balance for the wide range of food preparation tasks you're facing.

      Our high end Chef’s knife is made with Swedish Sandvik 14C28N® martensitic blade steel and a stick tang construction. With superb overall steel characteristics and a HRC 60 hardness, this Swedish super steel is used to make some of the finest kitchen and sports knives in the world. The addition of nitrogen into the alloy in place of carbon leads to exceptional corrosion resistance.

      The handle is made from Japanese pakkawood – an engineered composite made using thin layers of wood veneer assembled in layers under high pressure with an epoxy resin. When cured and machined, pakkawood has the visual appearance of solid wood but with the benefit of superb water resistance and stability.

      The design of this unique piece of handcraft, combined with the length of the blade, gives it the perfect balance when working with everything from meat to vegetables. If you’re going to buy only one knife in life – this might just be the one.

      To keep your knives in the best possible condition, always use a wooden or plastic chopping board to prevent damage to the finely ground edge. Remember that even the hardest steel is no match for ceramic plates, stone countertops or glass worktop protectors.

      Excellent edge performance
      Very high hardness
      Good corrosion resistance
      Easy re-sharpening
      Great blade stability

      Made in China by Taylor's Eye Witness exclusively for Singular Society.


      Taylor’s Eye Witness
      For our series of high end kitchen knives we’re proud to work with Taylor’s Eye Witness. The story starts in 1820 when John Taylor founded a small pocket knife and edge tools workshop in the very heart of Sheffield, the ancestral home of cutlery in Great Britain. As was normal back then, makers would seek the use of a symbol by which their products would be recognised, even by those unable to read. In 1838 Taylor was granted the ”Eye Witness" trademark for his goods, hence the Eye Witness name that exists to this day. Taylor’s Eye Witness are legendary knife makers with 180 years of experience and a tireless passion to continue to develop the best knives in the world.

      Material & Details

      Blade length: 22 cm
      Material blade: Sandvik 14C28N® Stainless steel
      Material handle: Pakkawood
      Steel hardness: 60 HRC
      Steel composition (%): Chromium 14, Carbon 0.62, Silicon 0.2, Manganese 0.6, Phosphorus 0.025, Nitrogen 0.11, Sulfur 0.001
      Edge angle: 15°
      Made in China

      Care & Storage

      All knives are better washed by hand. Remove any food residue gently from the blade with a plastic dish brush and hot, soapy water. Don’t be tempted to use scouring pads, wire wool or scouring powder. These can create microscopic scratches that may become a source for corrosion and make them harder to clean next time. When clean, dry by hand right away with a soft towel and return your knife to the knife block. Should any stain spots appear after washing, these can be easily removed with a soft cloth and stainless steel polish.

      Never store open blades in the cutlery drawer. The knife edge is prone to damage from other items in the drawer. Consider a universal knife block or magnetic knife rack so that your knives are safely stored and always at hand.

      Sharpen the blade regularly with a ceramic or diamond sharpener. A good sign when it’s time is when you need to use the tip of the blade to cut through a tomato. If you want it razor-sharp, a grindstone is best, but it requires a lot of technique, so better submit it for service if you don’t know how to use it properly. 

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      We ship to all countries in the European Union. Read more about our rates and delivery times here. We accept returns within 14 days after you have received your order.


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