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During the past year we’ve built our music selection by offering day (or night) long playlists, perfect companions for dinner conversations, daydreaming, workflow or just life essential chill. A multitude of playlists with hundreds of timeless classics, over 50 hours of music. And more to come…

All songs are selected with a lot of care and love, of course. Behind the sound of Singular is Niklas Ödman, the musical master who's worked with Stockholm hotel Ett Hem and restaurants like Schmaltz Bar & Delicatessen, Babette and The Sparrow Bistro. He describes the sound of Singular as “a mix of different styles from the 1970–1990’s with a small dose of modern music.” Sounds good? The easiest way to stay tuned is to follow the Singular profile on Spotify. Or, you can just kick back, relax and listen to all the playlists below.

The singular society playlists

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