Caroline Sandström Blasiak is the stylist, and set designer who finds joy in simply being at home without overthinking colours or trends. Here Caroline shares her interior design philosophy and highlights her five favourite Singular picks from her home. Follow her at @carolinesandstrom_

How would you describe your home and your decoration philosophy?

My work as a stylist and set designer exposes me to various trends, influencing my home's aesthetic. The result is a clean, curated space with thoughtful material choices and discrete colours. When I see my home in pictures, it looks boring, but I love living here. It's an environment where I can just be. I like vintage pieces, but still combined with other items, like a modern urn or a bespoke coffee table.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration comes from my surroundings, with a significant influence from galleries and vintage designs. I draw from books from the '20s to '50s, extracting elements from specific styles rather than adhering to a particular era. I appreciate colourful aesthetics but prefer a selective application. Furniture, especially French and Italian designs like Jean-Michel Frank, inspires me across diverse styles.

What’s your kitchen like?

A welcoming kitchen is essential, especially when entertaining guests. I prefer the kitchen integrated into the dining and living areas, creating a convivial atmosphere. We have a sofa in the kitchen that everyone always wants to sit in. When cooking, I like to have frequently used items close at hand. Key essentials include wine glasses, knives, cutting boards, ladles, and, of course, the mandatory wine.

How do you set your table?

I like setting up a comfortable and inviting table for all kinds of meals, even casual ones. I prefer either a proper table setting with plate on plate, two wine glasses, linen napkins and so on, or a really simple familiar setting – like serving a super simple burger on a tray. I don't like the in-between setting with a knife and fork and a plate.

What's the best way to elevate a living room?

Most important is to have a nice configuration of furniture, if you have the space for it. Avoiding a rigid setup, I prefer a relaxed configuration where armchairs are positioned against the sofa, with a central table. If you are five people, it’s nice if everybody can sit comfortably. Textiles, including pillows and blankets, contribute to a cozy atmosphere. And I have tons of candles, both regular and scented. The color scheme depends on personal preferences, and in my private space, it tends toward beige, white, and wood.

How do you turn your bathroom into a room?

Adding elements like flowers and artwork transforms it from a mere functional space to a considered room. Our blue-themed bathroom offers a refreshing contrast to the rest of the apartment, but it’s not that big, so not much fits in there. I don't have a bathtub for example, but even in a small bathroom, thoughtful touches like scented soaps and small towels for guests make a difference.

What do you like the most about Singular Society?

I love the consistent quality of the products across the board. Singular makes it easy for customers to find good products, providing a needed anchor in the sea of choices, especially for basic items. The design is simple, clean, and versatile, making it suitable for any home, and the prices are reasonable, offering great value for money. It feels like a brand you can stand behind in terms of sustainability and quality.


The Down Topper
I love it. It’s one of those ”nice-to-have products”, but once you have it, it becomes a must-have product because it's so comfortable. I have a very good bed, but regardless of which bed you have, the topper makes it an even better bed. Some are afraid that it's down and will get warm, but it just becomes more comfortable.

Organic Cotton Towels
All towels are incredibly fluffy. I really like the quality and like the colour range offered. It feels unisex, and it works in all bathroom environments. My personal favourites are mole and sand, but I'm also a bit of a sucker for white; it's crisp and nice. They come in good sizes, and you can match the towel with the bathrobe.

Shawl Collar Bathrobe
I really like the bathrobe, I’m 173 cm long, and want my bathrobe to cover my whole body, and this one is perfect because it's so long. I'm so tired of women's bathrobes that go over the knee, which is completely useless.

Cashmere Sweaters
I used to be a cashmere nerd before, but it was depressing that they looked so worn after a couple of uses, so I actually stopped buying cashmere. But that’s not the case with Singular’s cashmere. I have two sweaters and you can feel the quality when wearing them, they are so soft and comfortable. Cashmere always pills, but Singular’s cashmere products stay nice and last a long time.

Stainless Steel Knives
Like knives very much. We have a lot of Japanese knives at home, but this bread knife is totally insane. It’s the best bread knife I've seen, but also the vegetable knife. I make a lot of tomato and mozzarella salads, and it’s perfect for chopping tomatoes. Some people are afraid of sharp knives, but for me it’s the opposite. I hate cutting with dull knives, that’s when you cut yourself.