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Scented Candle 3-Wick
Petitgrain Jasmine Chinotto

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790 kr
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Our autumn candle is the perfect companion to bring out the cozyness of fall. This impressive candle offers a light, elegant note of petitgrain, jasmine flowers and a subtle top note of Italian chinotto orange that makes it unique and perfect for a variety of settings.

Hand poured with 1kg of scented vegetable/mineral wax by our friends at Candelize in Stockholm. It comes in an oversized bowl that has been handmade in a deep chocolate colour setting by our friends at Enza Fasano in Puglia, Italy. This candle is the perfect example of a win-win between a product and the environment; when it’s finished, instead of an unnecessary container to throw away, you’re left with a beautiful handmade bowl that will last you a lifetime.

The scented candle comes in an exclusive gift “keep-quality” box made from recycled paper.

Material & Details

Material: Vegetable/mineral wax

Size: W 17cm, H 9cm

Weight: 1000g

Burn time: Approximately 85 hours

User Warning

The ceramic bowl can become hot, both around the edges and at the bottom. Please place the candle on a heat-resistant surface, and leave the candle lit for a maximum of 3 hours to avoid the risk of the bowl breaking.

Our prices are fixed to the true value of garments, materials, craftmanship, and accountability.

Cost of goods

Materials, labour and packaging.


Sampling, prototyping and testing.

Transport & handling

Shipments, transports, storage and warehouse handling.

CO2 Offset

Climate compensation fee.

Transaction fee


25 %

Total 790 kr

Singular price 790 kr

Estimated traditional retail price 2,000-3 000 kr

For our oversized limited edition scented candles, we have created a joint team of our partners Enza Fasano in Puglia, Expressíon Parfumée in Grasse and Candelize in Sweden. First, the bowls are crafted entirely by hand, and then filled with 100% vegetable soy wax mixing in the exclusive fragrance. We love the idea that a scented candle has a second life and can live on forever, long after it’s flame has gone out.