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With the motto "The absolute haven of enjoyment" as her guiding star, PR and marketing genius Camilla Bastin consciously and joyfully embraces every moment of her day. As one of Singular Society's very first members, she champions both quality, style and the art of treating oneself to life's little luxuries. Follow her journey on @camillaeleonora.

What does your home mean to you?

Since we moved to our house, home has become an incredibly important part of my life, and also one of my main interests. We have chosen everything in our home with care, and I am constantly busy keeping it cozy, restful, and beautiful. Since both my husband and I have demanding jobs with a lot of travel, home is our place for rest and quality time with the family, and I always want the home to be ready for that. Therefore, I clean every day, and would never go to bed with a dirty kitchen – order and tidiness in my home means order and tidiness in my mind.

How do you choose products for your home?

Aesthetics always come first in our home. Life is too short to make practical choices all the time. We have a lot of delicate materials at home, and I often get asked if there aren't scratches or stains. There absolutely are, but that's part of living with beautiful materials, that it shows they've been used. Good materials are usually the most beautiful, so choosing fewer but better things makes it aesthetically pleasing. I'm also a fan of decluttering and only having the very best things you truly love – at every decluttering, I realize that quality is what always stays. Impulse buys are often what doesn't stay.

What are your favourite materials?

I love all forms of wood and think that cutting boards are among the most beautiful things in a home. Also, marble, satin, and cashmere are favorites. After going through a Swedish winter in cashmere from head to toe, it's impossible to switch to another material. The same with bed linens, there is a before and an after real fine quality bed linens.

What is your favourite room at home and why?

For me, my kitchen is the safest and warmest place at home. Here, the family meets after long workdays and spends hours on weekends. I prefer to sit on the kitchen sofa and talk to my husband while he cooks, drinking the weekend's first glass of red wine and inhaling the scent of the evening's impending dinner. It's true happiness for me. The bathroom is also a sacred place for me, where I love to take long baths and get ready. I like to have a hotel feeling with fluffy terry cloth everywhere and luxurious soaps.

What does a typical dinner look like at your home, on a weekday and when you have friends over?

On weekdays, we eat at our small café table in the kitchen, as it's rarely possible to sit down at the same time now that we have a baby. Then I want simple but beautiful porcelain that is quick to set up. On weekends, friends often come over spontaneously, and it's the same – simple and preferably homemade pizza or a large pasta on a platter. One thing that is never compromised is the wine glasses – they should always be beautiful even on weekdays. On the other hand, I take holidays very seriously and then the dining room is set up very carefully. I iron tablecloths, have napkins, several glasses, and flowers on the table. Filling the house with family and relatives is one of the best things I know – and seeing several generations in the family socialize fills me with joy for days afterwards.

What inspires you in your work, your home, and your life?

I am very inspired by people who manage to be present and find meaning in everything they do. My dad is a good example, he is always in the present moment and puts his heart into his work. Job-wise, it's about leading others, and especially young women. I love to see young women take up space, develop, and be able to create a life they've dreamed of. When it comes to my life as a whole, I want to fill it with enjoyment – my children, my husband, good food, friends, and experiences. I don't want to see work as something that contradicts this, but rather that work can be a way to actually fulfill dreams and be part of amazing things with exciting people.


Sateen bedding series
The feeling of satin but with a less shiny look, it's the absolute most beautiful and softest in a bedroom.

Relaxed Cashmere Silk Shirt
As a lover of shirts, this is a stroke of genius, a perfect blend of cashmere and silk that creates a feminine feel with a nice neckline that is still discreet enough to wear in business settings. The days of compromising comfort to look good are definitely over for me - I want both.

Tencel Socks
I thank myself for the afternoon when I decided that my sock drawer would be exemplary. I cleared out all the low-quality socks and invested in one of Singular's many sock models, and now the morning is faster and more efficient. I chose Tencel because I want the socks to retain color and shape even after many washes. There is a before and after the perfect sock drawer.

Wash Cloths
Nothing gives me everyday luxury like having face towels in terry cloth next to the sink. As someone who is particular about my skin, I also love always drying my face with a clean towel, and it also creates a luxurious feeling in the bathroom to see the pile of finely folded towels.

Cutting Board
There is nothing more beautiful than good ingredients on a perfect, stable, and sturdy wooden cutting board. It creates a rustic, French feel that I always want in the kitchen. The cutting board often stands out, that's how nice it is.

Next on my list to bring into my life is to write handwritten letters and invitations. The more the world becomes digital, the warmer my heart becomes when someone sends me a physical letter or writes something kind on beautiful paper. Maybe it will be a physical invitation to this year's Pentecost lunch?