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Wine isn't just a beverage, it's an experience. And the other half of that experience is the glass you drink from. Introducing: The 100% Lead-Free Crystal Wine Glass Series, a collection of showstoppers, designed for all the beverages and wines you can think of. No limitations. Only elevations.

To create the ultimate Wine Glass collection we’ve collaborated with distinguished sommelier and wine expert Alf Tumble, celebrated glass artist Carl Cyrén and the world-renowned Spiegelau Amberg factory in Germany. Alf Tumble explains the philosophy behind the collection.

– The idea behind this uniquely designed series of crystal glasses is to create a set that covers all types of beverages. We believe that you should only need to own one glass for each type of wine, which is why the glasses have been designed with optimal shapes.

The collection includes one glass for sparkling drinks of all kinds, including non-alcoholic drinks, one glass primarily for white wines but also suitable for beer and some red wines, and one larger red wine glass that works exceptionally well with elegant and fragrant varieties. Finally, two tumbler glasses come in different sizes, suitable for everything from after-dinner drinks and hoppy ales to water and lemonade. All glasses are made from 100% Lead-Free Crystal in Spiegelau's factories in Germany.

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