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It's all about the paper

”Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing about anything. They are the bedrock tool of a creative recovery.” Julia Cameron
One of the best selling books of all time on creativity is The Artist’s Way, written by multi talented author, poet, screenwriter, playwright, genius-in-general Julia Cameron. (She also happened to be married to Martin Scorsese in the 1970’s, who might know a thing or two about the subject.) The book demystifies the creative process and has been a guiding star for millions of writers and aspiring artists since it’s release in 1992. One of the most important steps for creative unblocking is an exercise Cameron calls ”morning pages” . It’s a daily routine of 10-15 minutes of longhand writing – about anything. There is no wrong way to do the pages. You simply keep your hand moving across the page, not pausing, until you have written three of them. The morning pages are not supposed to be shown to anyone, just treat them as a dust-bin for your thoughts. 

Studies have shown that when using pen and paper your mind connects to the letters, and activates the creative and more intuitive part of your brain – which is something we easily forget in this digital age. As a celebration of the morning pages and the written message we’ve developed a set of high-quality stationery turning your handwriting into a tactile and delightful experience. May it live forever!

(We have nothing to do with the book, clearly, but it’s awesome and we recommend it whole-heartedly, so if you’re at all into creativity you can check it out here)

To celebrate the tradition and craft of hand writing, allow us to present our personal correspondence collection, made from 100% US grown cotton eco certified paper. It’s exceptionally soft and has a beautiful touch to the fingertips. It's available as blanks, that we always have in stock, or with personalization, that we print using letterpress print with original lead types, entirely by hand, and without the use of any digital artworks. If you by any chance happen to be into typefaces, and wonder where it's from, it’s the original Industria, that we stumbled upon when we we’re given access to the lead type archives of our dear friends at Norrbacka Tryckeri, one of very few printers in the world that still has the capacity and tools to still print using this traditional craft style.


The honest answer is that we haven’t figured it out yet. Being problem solvers we always want to create responsibly made products of the highest quality at a reasonable price that makes a difference to our members. And god knows we’ve thought about it, and tried. But we came to the conclusion that there are already quite a few out there who do the job quite well. And if we can’t make it responsibly, equally well or better, at a fairer price, then we'll simply pass and congratulate our competition on a job well done. (But who knows, we haven’t given up just yet, so one day in the future we just might send you another email with a recycled metal pen that happens to be brilliant :-)