Scented Candle
Sandalwood Amber Lily

190G Made in France

Full product details
  • Handmade Italian ceramic cup by Enza Fasano
  • Doubles as a coffee mug – save and collect!
  • Scents developed with master perfumers Givaudan
  • Burn time approximately 40 hours
  • Perfume concentration: 12%
  • Made in France

Woody scents of sandalwood and warming amber meet the sweetness of lily. This incredible multi-purpose scent is perfect all year round and has that soft, smooth and calming effect that elevates any room.

Our scents are developed and made in partnership with Givaudan Paris and manufactured by Bougies La Francaise in Nantes. The candle comes in a rose dust ceramic save and collect cup shaped exactly as our Coffee Mug, handmade by our friends at Enza Fasano in Puglia.

This candle is the perfect example of a win-win between a product and the environment; when it’s finished, instead of an unnecessary container to throw away, you’re left with a beautiful handmade coffee mug. This is ceramic with personality and heart, made through a natural process with the highest possible quality and craftsmanship that we know of. Best of all: each candle will make your collection of coffee mugs grow. The scented candle comes in an exclusive gift “keep-quality” box made from recycled paper.

Perfume concentration: 12%.
Weight: 190 g
Size: D 8.5 cm, H 10 cm
Non-toxic colours and treatments

Made in France by Bougie La Francaise exclusively for Singular Society.


Enza Fasano, Givaudan and Bougie La Francaise
For our scented candles we have created a joint team of our partners Enza Fasano in Puglia, Givaudan in Paris and Bougie La Francaise in Nantes. First, the containers are crafted entirely by hand, and then filled with 100% high-end wax mixing with the exclusive fragrance. We love the idea that a scented candle has a second life and can live on forever, long after its flame has gone out.


100% Clay from Tuscany (container)


50% rapeseed wax, 50% mineral wax, cotton wick

Wash & Care

For a better burning experience, trim candle wick before each use. Place in a draft free area, to avoid soot formation.
Container is dishwasher safe, but not recommended to use in microwaves. Do it at your own risk :-)

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