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Ski Goggles Sphere

3x magnetic spot-fitted lenses

Full product details
  • Dual compound frame with PC and TPU for strength and flexibility
  • Magnetic lens change system for quick and easy lens changes
  • Three lenses included – ZEISS bright light, ZEISS high contrast and clear photochromic
  • Exclusive hard case with lens compartment

Our state-of-the-art Ski Goggles are optimized for high end performance. They come with three easy-to-switch 10-point magnetic spot-fitted lenses. One dual bright light condition, one dual high contrast and one dual clear photochromic that adapts itself to the lighting conditions. All lenses are anti-fog and anti-scratch treated. The spherical shape curves horizontally and vertically around your face, giving a bubbled look and providing a perfect field of view. Triple layer foam adds comfort and the dual compound frame with PC and TPU secures strength and flexibility. These spheric goggles are masterfully designed for a wide variety of faces and engineered to fit perfectly with most helmets. Last but not least, they come in an exclusive form-fitted hard case lense compartments with a microfiber goggle bag and a dust wiper. It just doesn’t get better.

Made in China by HUBO Sports exclusively for Singular Society. 


HUBO Sports
Special products need special knowledge. HUBO Sports has been an industry leader in the goggles business since its start in 2011. This world class manufacturer specializes in goggles, they work with high end lens producer Carl Zeiss and have their own production process with molding, frame injection, ski lens processing, assembly, and advanced testing for goggles of all kinds. All products are CE & FDA certified.

Technical details

Dual compound frame with PC and TPU for strength and flexibility
Magnetic lens change system for quick and easy lens changes
ZEISS Dual condition lens - VLT: 18%
ZEISS SONAR Dual high contrast low light lens - VLT: 33%
Photochromic clear lens - VLT: 85% - 29%
Triple layer foam
Anti-fog treatment
Anti-scratch treatment
Elastic band w silicon print
Microfiber goggle bag
Hard case with lens compartment

The amount of light a goggle lens allows to pass through is called Visible Light Transmission or VLT and is measured in percentage. The higher the VLT percentage, the more light goes through (great for dark conditions). The lower the percentage the less light goes through (great for bright conditions).

Material & Trim

Frame: TPU + PC
Triple foam
Lenses: ZEISS dual bright light condition
Extra lenses: ZEISS dual high contrast
Dual clear photochromic lens
10 strong magnets for easy lens change

Size Guide

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We ship to all countries in the European Union. Read more about our rates and delivery times here. We accept returns within 14 days after you have received your order.


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