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Hand Cast Antique Candles

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95 kr
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95 kr
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35 cm long
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These high-quality hand-cast antique candles honour an old Swedish craft tradition. They’re made from 60% RAL certified paraffin and 40% palm-free oil stearin with an unleaded wick and a burn time of approximately 10 hours. Stearin and paraffin are available in a variety of classes, the cleaner the mass the higher the quality, both in terms of burning time and cleanness. With these candles, you can be sure you get the highest quality raw materials and ingredients.

Colours are made from different mixtures of chemicals and metals. All mass in a candle must be burned through the wick, set on fire and released into the air. These candles are therefore only surface dipped in colour and not dyed-through; for the environment, health and to achieve the best burning qualities. Comes in sets of 6 in a natural coloured cardboard box.

Made in Sweden

Material & Details

Material: 60% RAL certified paraffin and 40% palm oil free stearin
Lenght. 35 cm
Burn time approximately: 10 hours

Our prices are fixed to the true value of garments, materials, craftmanship, and accountability.

Cost of goods

Materials, labour and packaging.


Sampling, prototyping and testing.

Transport & handling

Shipments, transports, storage and warehouse handling.

CO2 Offset

Climate compensation fee.

Transaction fee


25 %

Total 95 kr

Singular price 95 kr

Estimated traditional retail price 125-230 kr

Vio Ljusfabrik has been manufacturing candles since 1962 according to old craft traditions and is working hard to preserve the production in the Swedish small town of Vedum. Today they manufacture and export high quality candles of all kinds to countries all over the world.