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Casserole Pot

5-ply 2,5mm High Grade Stainless Steel

Full product details
  • 100% 5-ply (5 layers) 2.5mm Japanese industry high-grade stainless steel
  • Works on all heat sources: Induction, gas and ceramic stoves
  • Incredibly even heat distribution
  • Heat protectors included
  • Oven safe up to 260 degrees celsius

Made from five layers of 2.5mm thick, industry-grade, Japanese stainless steel that creates an incredible even heat distribution that flows through the entire pot which helps reduce burning and stickiness and maximises the speed of the heating process. It has an ergonomic and hygienic stainless steel handle without visible welds. It is pretty much indestructible, which is why this composition is preferred by many of the world's leading chefs.

This type of pot is your choice if you prefer a sustainable, solid product with incredible cooking speed and consistent heat distribution (as opposed to the more common “sandwich bottom”-construction, which preserves the heat in the bottom of the pot). The result of these incredible features is that the steel handles also might get hot, which is why two high quality heat protectors made from 100% silicone are also included.

It cooks anything to perfection, works on any kitchen top (gas, induction and ceramic) as well as handling oven heat of up to 260 degrees celsius. Simply put, if you are looking for a life-long companion for your kitchen escapades that will stand the test of time: this is it.

Volume: 20 cm: 3.1 litres, 24cm: 5.7 litres.

Warranty: 2 years

Made in China by Allinox exclusively for Singular Society.


Our Belgian kitchen cookware experts Allinox, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high quality kitchen equipment, and the unsung heroes behind the worlds leading pro- and home chefs, has helped us in developing our range of state of the art pots & pans that stands the tests of time and quality, on par with the best brands in the industry. Even if your house (god forbid) burns down, chances are, your Singular stainless steel pots & pans will still be there.


100% 5-ply (5 layers) 2,5mm Japanese industry high grade stainless steel

Handle: Stainless Steel without visible welds or bolts on the inside for maximum hygiene

Heat protectors: 100% silicone

Wash & Care

Works on all heat sources (induction, gas and ceramic stoves).
Oven safe up to 260 degrees celsius.

Heat protectors are machine wash safe.

Read more on how to take care of your kitchen equipment in our Kitchen Care and Use Guide.

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We ship to all countries in the European Union. Read more about our rates and delivery times here. We accept returns within 14 days after you have received your order.


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