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Flawed Beauty

Make it personal

There’s a Japanese concept called wabi-sabi, a world view centered on the acceptance of imperfection and the appreciation of flawed beauty. And even though our ceramics series is manufactured in Italy, we’re going to allow ourselves to celebrate a little bit of that Japanese philosophy.

We are immensely proud of our partnership with Enza Fasano Ceramiche, the legendary manufacturer from Puglia behind our handmade series of ceramics. Each object has its own uniqueness and imperfection – celebrating the ancient craftsmanship that has been passed on for generations. To eat from something molded by the human hand is like having humanity reflected back at us at the dinner table. This sounds very zen, but it’s also very true.

Today we are really excited to enhance the experience of our ceramics series even further by now offering you the possibility to personalize every piece to your exact specifications. Pick the different models and quantities you want, and choose from our 38 available color options individually (yes, we know it’s insane!!) individually. Mix and match them to make them uniquely tailored to your personal preference and embrace that wabi-sabi-feeling when you're setting (and soon after we envision) share the dinner table.

All orders are custom made entirely to your specifications, with a delivery time of 10 weeks. To make it easier to navigate the assortment, we demonstrate all available colors on the starter plate.

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