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Our collection of sunglasses ”The modern archetype series” consists of seven different models, all with their unique, mediterranean flavoured names such as ”Palmarola”, ”Illetes” and ”Cavallo”. But… where do the names actually come from? Welcome to the Singular Society beach guide. The seven hidden gems of Europe that named our collection of shades.

Palmarola – Jacques Cousteau's favourite

Well, if you are to believe the famous French explorer and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, this is the most beautiful Island in the Mediterranean Sea. But after visiting this secret treasure in the volcanic archipelago of the Tyrrhenian Sea off the coast of Lazio region in Italy, we are inclined to agree. The island lies approximately 6 miles from Ponza (the biggest of the Pontine Islands), and can be reached by shuttle or by rented boats. You will not find any big hotels or any other specific tourist facilities here, but there are some restaurants and above all – an impressive coast with bays, cliffs, crags and possibly the clearest water you will ever see.

Soros – Transparent water in the Cyclades

Who doesn’t love the Cyclades? All Greek islands have their own charm, but there is something special with the Cyclades. The all white and blue colour scheme, the always fresh grilled sea bream with veggies and tzatziki, the laid back atmosphere, the rocks and the beaches… Oh, the beaches. Santorini might be famous for it’s black sand, but if you want to experience completely transparent water – there is one place that beats them all. Soros beach on Antiparos. Long, sandy with fine pebbles. Two taverns and sunbeds. During the busiest summer season you will not be alone here, but you will 100 % sure be happy with your swimming :-)

Pecorini – Go west in the Aeolian Islands

To find Pecorini Mare Beach you need to steer your vessel to the Aeolian islands outside of Sicily. The most famous island is perhaps Stromboli in the northeast with its active volcano, but if you go west, to Filicudi, you will find one of the most amazing beaches in Europe – Pecorini Mare. Fill up the Singular Society beach bag with all the stuff you need for a day at the beach, at Pecorini Mare you will not find prepared sunbeds, umbrellas or taverns. The beach is a thin strip of dark pebbles, the sea becomes deep quickly and the water is absolutely crystal clear. But perhaps more important than the beach itself, is waiting until the sun goes down over the ocean and joining the entire population of this tiny island for the daily communal sundown drink at the Saloon Bar.

Peniche – Surf and seafood

Peniche is one of the largest fishing ports of Portugal and a true classic for maritime activities on the Atlantic coast. Here you will find fresh fish and seafood, and several beaches with world famous surf spots where Medão Grande Beach (Praia dos Supertubos) and Lagido Beach are home to the world surf championships. Take a short diving trip to the natural reserve on the island of Berlengas or enjoy some of the local cooking with bouillabaisse and charcoal-grilled sardines at the top of the menu.   

Paloma – Old school Riviera chic

Plage Paloma on St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat might be the most beautiful beach on the French Riviera. Protected by pine tree hills, this 150m long beach offers complete relaxation and stunning views of the bay of Beaulieu-sur-Mer. This is the place for old school Riviera chic, the beach is a long time favourite for residents of the Cap-Ferrat peninsula and you will probably see one or five luxury yachts anchored in the water. Enjoy your Salade niçoise and a glass of rose wine at the restaurant Paloma Beach, but make sure to reserve a table during the busy summer months.

Illetes – The paradise of Formentera

The Balearic dream of Formentera is in itself a hidden treasure. Still only available by boat from Ibiza, this small island is not yet completely crowded with beach clubs and dancing tourists. The almost unreal clarity of the water surrounding the island is world famous and many of the beaches often end up in the top ten lists of the world's most beautiful. Our favourite is Illetes Beach, aka “The paradise of Formentera”, thanks to its combination of white sand, clear sky and blue water. The beach is located on a long, narrow peninsula 5km from the port of La Savina. It is part of a national park and has earned the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation.

Cavallo – Sardinia and Corsica, best of both worlds

Two of our favourite places in the Mediterranean Sea are Sardinia and Corsica. What could be better than an island located right in between? Cavallo Island, or Ile de Cavallo in French, is part of the biggest natural reserve in France. This is a private Island (however outsiders are allowed limited access) so you better load your wallet. But it will be worth it as Cavallo is one of the most breathtaking experiences in Southern Europe. There are two restaurants, some private properties for rent or sale, a small port and the captivating sea. Cavallo island is a place for small gestures where you immerse yourself with nature (no cars, no crowds) and just let the slow summer pace steer you.