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Slip-On Suede Sneaker

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Handmade in Italy
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  • Top-grain suede leather
  • Handmade in Italy
  • EU certified with REACH

Handmade in Italy from top grade suede calfskin. This is not your average shoe. A sleek slip-on shoe based on a classic design that has been a favourite for decades, but with subtle new elements. Elevated with suede on both the inside and the outside. The sole is made in our signature pattern (The Board Game Print) and has that perfect milky shade. Designed in perfect proportion to the rest of the shoemaking the shape is updated but still traditional. The centre back piece has a rounded top to grip to make it easier to put the shoe on. Neatly rounded cut-out with elastic at both sides for extra comfort and reinforced heel.

With this shoe, you will get meticulous attention to detail and an uncompromised level of leather quality and craft, while still enjoying the classic slip-on design we all love.

Best of all, our sneakers come in kid sizes down to size 30.

All Singular Society leather products are EU certified with REACH Certificate.

Made in Italy by Effemme exclusively for Singular Society. 



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Runs small, if you are in between size up.

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For our hand made shoes and sneakers we are proud to collaborate with Effemme, one of the highest regarded footwear manufacturers in the world, located in the heart of the italian region of Marche. The company has offered a complete process of shoe manufacturing for over 30 years – from creating the prototype to research of materials to the completion of the final product.