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A6 Correspondence Card

Handcrafted In 100% Organic Cotton
Extended delivery: 3 weeks with shipping fee of 125 sek

Full product details
  • Eco-certified paper made from 100% US grown organic cotton
  • Font type: Original Industria
  • Hand printed in Sweden using letterpress print
  • 300 g
In our digital world, the classic, personal way of corresponding is becoming ever more important. Everything that can add a sense of personality and offers a tactile experience makes a world of difference. Use it for thank-you notes, gift-card notes, hand-written invitations or personal letters. If not for yourself, it’s the perfect gift for any person and any occasion.

Our correspondence series is made from an eco-certified paper made from 100% US grown cotton. It’s exceptionally soft and gives a beautiful tactile experience for the finger tips compared to a normal paper. All personalized stationary is made in Stockholm by our amazing partners at Norrbacka Tryckeri. They are printed entirely by hand using letter press print with lead types and without the use of any digital artworks. It’s a back-to-basics approach resulting in unique and tangible stationery that will make a lasting impact on any recipient.

The font we use is the original types of Industria; a font that was later modernized by Neville Brody for The Face Magazine, the epicenter of pop culture around the turn of the millennium.

Comes in a set of 80.

Made in Sweden by Norrbacka Tryckeri exclusively for Singular Society.

Norrbacka Tryckeri
Our paper is made from 100% eco certified cotton grown in the US, and manufactured in Germany. We then refine and print it in Stockholm Sweden with our partners at Norrbacka Tryckeri, renowned for their equisite quality of craft, and rich history of high end letter printing technique that honors the past and still operate with oldschool Heidelberg machinery.

Our boxes are made in partnership with Profilskaparen just outside of Stockholm, masters in crafting boxes to fall in love with, and save for a long time to come, finding new uses and things to store in them.

How to personalize

Simply order them and let us know what name you want to be used for the printing of the cards by emailing us at All personalized stationery is made to order with a delivery time of 15 working days. Please note that it is not possible to return or exchange personalized stationery. The shipping cost is 125 SEK for all orders.

The series is also available as blanks (without personalization) that we always have in stock.


100% Eco Cotton

Shipping Information
We ship to all countries in the European Union. This product can not be returned or exchanged. For more information about our shipping rates, delivery times and return policy, click here.


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