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Frying Pan Glass Lid

Stainless Steel

Full product details
  • Glass and stainless steel
  • Compatible with all 24/28cm frying pans
  • 2 year warranty

This lid made from glass and stainless steel allows you to see what is happening in your stainless steel frying pan (or any other pan for that matter) to ensure your food is cooking at the right temperature and speed. Putting a lid on a pan allows the food to heat faster and retain heat longer, which is perfect when steaming your veggies or frying your lunch omelette. Cooking with the lid also prevents burned or overcooked food by simply peeping through the glass. Last but not least it helps you conceal the heat and flavours inside for that flavourful cooked food every single time.

Warranty: 2 years
Made in China by Allinox exclusively for Singular Society.


Our Belgian kitchen cookware experts Allinox, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality kitchen equipment, and the unsung heroes behind the world's leading pro- and home chefs, has helped us in developing our range of state of the art pots & pans that stands the tests of time and quality, on par with the best brands in the industry. Even if your house (god forbid) burns down, chances are, your Singular stainless steel pots & pans will still be there.


Glass and stainless steel

Wash & Care

Machine washable

Read more on how to take care of your kitchen equipment in our Kitchen Care and Use Guide.

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