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State-of-the-art  life essentials without the mark-ups

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95 kr

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Premium products from some of the world's best manufacturers

Save 50-80% compared to the regular price on all products

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Why Singular Society?


What is Singular Society?

Singular Society is a new innovative service that offers premium products at the price they cost to make. Responsibly made life essentials in the highest possible quality, by some of the world's best manufacturers.

Where can I shop your products?

If you are a member of Singular Society you can shop our products here on www.singular-society.com or at our flagship store at Regeringsgatan 48 in the Mood Galleria in Stockholm, Sweden.

Why are there two different prices?

As a Singular Society member, you are able to buy our products for the price of what they cost to make, without any added profit margins, in return for a small membership fee. 

If you’re not a paying member of Singular Society, but still want to purchase our products, you can now do so without committing to a full-year membership. Checkout as a guest and get access to our assortment, at a more traditional price point.

How much does the membership cost?

It cost 95 SEK or €9,5 / month (billed monthly).

The membership run for 12 months, with a 14 days free opt-out period.

What is Guest Checkout?

If you want to try Singular Society and dip your toes in the water before you commit, you can checkout as a guest . With this membership you don’t pay a monthly fee, but instead pay the full retail price on the products you buy. To save 50-80% on the products you buy, just upgrade to the Annual Membership anytime you want!