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Piero Busso – Barbaresco, Albesani, 2018

Our first ever wine release is a unique collaboration between Singular Society and the family producer Piero Busso from the Piedmont region in northern Italy. Together with the importer Budbreak and Wines We Want, we are incredibly proud to make this exclusive Barbaresco wine available to all Singular Society members at cost price.

To find the perfect red wine, we went to Italy's most sought after wine region, Piedmont. More specifically, Barbaresco, and the village of Neive, where the family producer Piero Busso is located. Here, among the misty hills of Langhe, the family has been making wine since 1953. In 2010, the young winemaker Pierguido took over from his father, and for the past ten years he has elevated the family's wines to a new level, adapting the vineyards to a more sustainable process and increasing the biological diversity among the vines.

Barbaresco Albesani 2018 is made from 100 percent nebbiolo grapes from the top of the Albesani vineyard in the village of Neive. Vintage 2018 offered a lot of sun and heat, which means that the wine is a little more generous and open already at the start. The young, direct and austere nebbiolo fruit can definitely be seductive and should not be missed, while a deeper treasure is promised if you can wait until 2025-2027.

Piero Busso is still involved and supervises the work in the vineyard while his son Pierguido is involved in all parts of the process. ”Every aspect of daily life in our winery passes through the hands and in front of the eyes of one of us. With the same passion and the same enthusiasm as always!”, says Pierguido.

Barbaresco Albesani is a craft wine in its purest form.

Please order your bottles of Barbaresco Albesani by clicking here. All information regarding this purchase will be in Swedish due to Swedish law. If you find this limiting, please contact us with your order request at 

The price per bottle of Barbaresco Albesani is 492 SEK. The wine is sold in units of three at a price of 1476 SEK. The minimum order amount is one unit of three, the maximum order amount per member is two units of three (six bottles in total).

The traditional retail price is 620 SEK per bottle, and 1860 SEK for units of three.

The wine is exclusively available to Singular Society members.

Piero Busso – Barbaresco, Albesani, 2018