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The Singular Gift Shop

Receiving gifts and eating candy is pure joy and fun when you are a kid. It still is... But as we grow older the perspective starts to change a bit. The appreciation of giving instead of receiving starts to take over and we dig into the process of finding the perfect gift more and more wholeheartedly. The thinking. Searching. Choosing. Buying. Packaging. Handwriting the card. And most importantly: the moment when you actually hand over the present and see the reaction on your loved one’s face.

Easter eggs in all their glory, but for the content inside this year, we have a humble suggestion. Go for something that lasts, something that’s... less chewy. Lack of ideas? We have a couple. (And our apologies if you might need a big egg for some of them.) 

After receiving invaluable feedback from you, our members, we know that many of our beloved bestsellers are also popular gifts. You can’t go wrong with our stainless steel frying pan, our scented candles or our series of small leather goods. But this week we’re also launching four new products that you don’t want to miss for this occasion.

Our wool cashmere blanket with the new Singular signature board game print pattern is woven to perfection in a thick, incredibly soft mix of fine wool and cashmere. It comes in colors Ochre Pollen and Oyster Ash. We’re also over the moon excited to expand our range of leather products with a briefcase and a weekend bag, both made from full grain leather, hand-stitched to perfection by master craftsmen (now available for pre-order for plus members). And last but not least: It’s Easter, so we couldn’t resist making the perfect yellow egg cup :-)

If you need more ideas, please check out our gift shop with all our selected and curated Singular favourite here