We love the smell of Neroli in the morning

Room Diffusers

Your nose is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets. And this week we want to give it some exercise...

Did you know that smell is the racehorse of our senses? Sight, touch, hearing, taste...

Forget about it. They don’t stand a chance when there’s a competition to create a memory or an emotion in the human brain. Not only do smells take the fast track to the limbic system, including the amygdala and the hippocampus (the regions related to emotion and memory) it is also the human sense that is developed first. Science shows that when we are only twelve weeks in our mothers stomach, we have a fully developed sense of smell. And once we are born, smell and emotion team up to help us understand and create our new world. This is why it’s the scent of a newly lit fire – and not the fire itself – that takes you back to that cosy ski hut where you used to drink hot chocolate and chill in your long johns as a kid.

In the development process of our Room diffusers series we started by digging into our own memories trying to find some of our favorite scents. And we found a lot of them. To avoid the risk of total confusion we teamed up with some real experts – Expression Parfumées in Grasse, and Givaudan in Paris. It’s a decision we have not regretted.

The Singular Society Room Diffuser series consists of:

Vetiver Leather Patchouli
100ml Made in France

The type of scent that can take a dull chilly fall evening and make it into something that you never want to end. The elegant vetiver notes is at the core, complemented by dry, earthy tones of leather, and topped with a hint of patchouli for that last flowery touch.

Neroli Iris Petitgrain
100ml Made in France

A subtle, elegant and personal take on one of the most legendary and exclusive scents of them all: The Italian Neroli Flower. Distinct, rich, deep and fresh, almost springy. It elevates any room or occasion and works just as well in the bathroom as it does in the living room.

Agarwood Amber Oakmoss
100ml Made in France

It’s perfect for a cozy evening at home or in a cabin, to elevate the mood and add richness and a bit of sophisticated spirituality. The exclusive notes of Agarwood is at the core, it’s then complemented by warm, soft tones of Amber and an earthy, green undertone of Oakmoss.