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Dosnon – Champagne Recolte Noir Zero Dosage

Welcome to Singular Society’s second wine release! After the success of the incredible Barbaresco Albesani from Piero Busso, it's time for a high-class Champagne. About two hours drive from the city of Reims is Champagne's southernmost subregion Côte des Bar. Here we also find the most exciting growers right now, including Davy Dosnon, who has 7.5 hectares of vineyards.

Together with the importer Budbreak and Wines We Want, we are incredibly proud to make this exclusive Champagne from Davy Dosnon available to all Singular Society members at cost price.

Before Davy succeeded in acquiring his own vineyards in Champagne, he worked in Burgundy for a long time. The experience from this is clearly reflected in his Champagne making process, and it is not for nothing that his wines are often referred to as ”bubbling better Chablis”. Part of the reason is that the soil in Dosnon's vineyards, calcareous kimmeridgian clay, is almost identical to the soil in Chablis. Of course he also ferments his champagnes in Burgundian oak barrels!

Champagne Dosnon Recolte Noir Zero Dosage is, as the name suggests, crisp dry. The wine is made from 100 percent pinot noir from vines with an average age of 25 years. The finished wine is a mixture of different vintages, a so-called multi vintage, where 30 percent are older reserve wines. Fermentation takes place in oak barrels from Puligny-Montrachet where it spends a total of 24 months on the yeast precipitate before bottling. Zero dosage means wine without added sugar, which makes it both fresh and focused.

The champagne was disgorged (that is, the moment when the bottom batch is removed and the final cork is placed in the bottle) on October 4, 2021.

Please order your bottles of Champagne Dosnon Recolte Noir Zero Dosage by clicking here. All information regarding this purchase will be in Swedish due to Swedish law. If you find this limiting, please contact us with your order request at

The price per bottle of Champagne Dosnon Recolte Noir Zero Dosage is 420 SEK. The champagne is sold in units of three at a price of 1260 SEK. The minimum order amount is one unit of three, the maximum order amount per member is four units of three (12 bottles in total).

The traditional retail price is 570 SEK per bottle, and 1710 SEK for units of three.

The wine is exclusively available to Singular Society members.

The "bubbly better" Chablis

Dosnon – Champagne Recolte Noir Zero Dosage