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Our shiny puffer jacket is now available in black!

Puffer Jacket

Cashmere, leather, cotton… When searching for the finest materials, nothing beats nature. So, if you really want to stay warm, follow the birds. The down jacket, aka, The puffer jacket was invented by the American outdoorsman Eddie Bauer in 1936 after a mid winter fishing trip where Bauer nearly lost his life to hypothermia. Why the man started thinking of the insulation capacity of down feathers as a consequence to this experience is a total mystery to us, but he was obviously some kind of genius and the fishing trauma lit a creative spark in Bauer that has been shining ever since. (Thank you, Eddie!) 

The warmest jacket on the planet was patented in 1940 and has been worn by almost everyone from Lady Diana to George Costanza and James Bond, to Paninari hipsters in 80’s Milan and rappers like Biggie Smalls and Cardi B. Oh, and off course – by those who really need a puffer jacket, not just for looks, like US troops in World War II, mountaineers in the Himalayas and dog sled drivers in Alaska. 

So, what’s the secret behind down feathers? Well, it’s in the air. If you take a close look at a down feather (which is the feather under the bird's regular longer ”flight feathers”) you’ll see that it looks like a tree. Small fibers branch out into ever-smaller fibrils, and it’s this structure that traps air in the spaces between the fibers. The air then insulates against heat loss, and – ta da! – you get an incredibly warm jacket. Get it? If not, don’t worry. All you really need to know before spring hits is that the best selling Singular Society shiny puffer jacket now has arrived in a new long awaited color: Dark black. ”What do you mean, I already have it in black?”, you might think. And we won’t argue with that. The jacket is already available in both silk black and shiny black, but as we all know there are many nuances in life :) 

The Hooded Heavy Goose Down Puffer is maxed out with 475 grams of RDS (Responsible Down Standard) Goose Down of the finest quality.