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Our handblown wine glasses are finally here!


Let’s start by stating one thing. No matter the glass, the most important part of wine drinking is… the content. And there’s absolutely no shame in enjoying a glass of red, white or non alcoholic from a picnic style plastic glass, a classic bodega glass or any other drinking device you may have on hand, (just ask Miles from the classic wine movie Sideways. If you haven't seen it yet, it's a warm recommendation). However, there’s absolutely no shame in going for the opposite either. To be a little bit worshipful towards winemaking and the ancient craft of glassblowing. Especially if you want to fully appreciate a wine’s aroma and taste, or if you want to make the experience of drinking a glass of cheap wine feel more special. We love things that elevate everyday life, and make it a few percent nicer, and there are moments that truly deserve that little extra. 

The touch of a super thin hand crafted stem between your fingers, the large bell-shaped bowl that lets your earthy red dance around and breathe… But of course there are limits here as well. Some experts and glass companies may argue that you need a specific shape for a specific grape. But there are two sides to this story, and not everyone agrees :-) We love the idea of respecting the content and origin, but not necessarily the idea of commercialising it by creating 30 different must have glasses. Suddenly you’ll find yourself in need of a huge display cabinet. And, before you know it, a new apartment so you can fit all your expensive glassware. As most good wines go well with a qualitatively made glass with a generous bowl. 

We teamed up with some serious Hungarian glass experts, master craftsmen that have been devoted to their cause for the last five centuries, to create three wine glasses. Real showstoppers, designed and hand blown to perfection, that will enhance your wine drinking experience to the max. And for all of you that put your Sideways quotes to heart: just don't say merlot, and you'll be all good, even in a plastic container. A glass of pinot, anyone? 

All of our glassware are brilliant in clarity, ultra thin and entirely hand blown in lead free crystal glass with laser cut finishings. They are LGA Tested, dishwasher safe and come in sets of two.

The Singular glassware collection consists of:

Hand Blown Champagne Glass
Retains champagne's signature carbonation by reducing the surface area for it to escape.
Capacity: 300 ml. Height: 238 mm. Ø: 66 mm.

Hand Blown White Wine Glass
Narrow mouthed for less air contact, thus preserving the wine’s bright flavor.
Capacity: 424 ml. Height: 237 mm. Ø: 84 mm.

Hand Blown Red Wine Glass
Designed with a wide bowl that lets the wine breathe. 
Capacity: 710 ml. Height: 230 mm. Ø: 106 mm.