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New Arrivals: Hammam beach towels!

Beach Towel

Why a beach towel? Your favourite terry cloth towel should reasonably work just as well by the sea as it does in your bathroom? Well, it does... somewhat, but the arguments for a well crafted beach towel are still several. First of all they are lightweight, which is great, since you probably already feel like a packhorse when going to the beach. They’re thin, so they dry quickly and if made with care (like our hammam style jacquard loom beach towels are) still maintaining a high efficiency when it comes to absorbing water and moist.

But best of all, sand or mud doesn’t stick to them the same way they would on your favourite terry towel – letting the beach stay on the beach, and everybody wins.

When creating our hammam style beach towels we wanted them to be extremely durable and versatile in usage for many years to come. They're flat weaved, made from BCI cotton and stonewashed for extra softness, but also generous in size. And last, but not least: striped in four different colors bringing you that perfect mediterranean vibe we’re all longing for. Boat, beach, cliff or pool. These towels will keep you dry.