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More than a t-shirt!

Cashmere T-shirt

A t-shirt is always more than a t-shirt, depending on shape, material and colour. Go white for classic, black for dressed, merino for heat, cotton for everyday life, thick for streetwear, thin for beach life and so on… But one thing is certain: going cashmere will add that extra to almost any thinkable outfit, no matter the colour, or season. Just maybe don't wear it for your next marathon session. 

”Cashmere! Isn’t that a little warm for spring?”, you might think. Well, you’re not entirely mad. A cashmere-t-shirt is somewhat a surprising garment, but… there are some really cool characteristics in this material that gives it superpowers. High quality cashmere from the underbelly of the goat (grade A) can namely be spun so thin that you get a garment that has the power to not only keep you warm during unpredictable spring weather, but is also highly breathable and light. Really, it’s the perfect year round-material. And, let’s not forget: Christmas and midsummer are not miles apart weather wise these days, at least not in Sweden. And regardless: it will lift any casual everyday look into something entirely different. Trust us. Just remember to be careful when you wash it, and it will last for many seasons to come. 

Our classic cut 16 gauge 1-ply round neck t-shirt with its generous fit and – of course – unbelievable softness comes in grey, navy, black and white. Also: If you want to dig into all the superpowers of this incredible material, please check out The Singular Society guide to cashmere here. And yes, of course it's Good Cashmere Standard TM Certified.