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Linen Love!

Kitchen Linen
How come linen is the perfect choice for any kitchen? Well… as always we won’t judge you if you prefer cotton, leather or any material for your placemats, cloths, napkins and towels. But we dare to say that none of them gives that elegant, simple and understated look and feel that goes well with every mood and interior like linen does. 
Linen is derived from the flax plant, and far more durable than cotton, making its fibers tougher to break down. Flax needs no irrigation, rainwater is enough for it to grow so growers use less fertilisers or pesticides which make linen a beautifully natural material.
It’s also incredibly absorbent, while still feeling dry to the touch making it perfect for kitchen towels. And best of all: the fibres do not break down, which makes the quality better and better after years of use, making it a lovely gift that can be passed down to generations.
Speaking of generations… Look at the mummies! Linen actually has a history dating back centuries to the ancient Egyptians who used linen to mummify the deceased. Who can blame them? Casual, but still dressed up is perfect for any occasion :-)