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It’s dry, it’s soft and it breathes!

By this time you have probably heard us speak about solving problems one or two times. Well, guess what. You’re in for another surprise :)

The sun might shine today, but rest assured it won’t last Luckily. The problem has never been rainy days. In fact, one of the greatest benefits of being located in Sweden is that we have different seasons. Different weather conditions, different moods, different thought patterns, and we love the variety. The problem has been the rain coat. We have tried numerous versions of this item since we were kids playing in the sandbox, and the feeling has always been the same: moisty condensation, sweat, stiff materials that make us want to crawl out of our skin… Why is it so? Because, traditionally, in prioritizing low manufacturing costs, rain coats never come with an inner lining.

So, we thought we might have a contribution to make. And from now on, there are raincoats, and there is the Singular Society raincoat…

This is a state of the art piece, made from a high quality Oeko-Tex certified waterproof nylon from the master material makers of Limonta in Italy. The Singular Society raincoat comes in three colours (navy, black and taupe) with a hood, double front pockets and a breathable inner lining (finally!) that helps keep moist and condensation away from your skin.

We set out to make a raincoat that can not only do the job of keeping you dry, but that also does it more comfortably, with softness, in a quality that makes it last. For you, and perhaps someone who gets to inherit it someday. With our raincoat you will have zero problems hanging out with your kids in a sandbox on a rainy day. Let’s get wet! Oh, we mean dry! Ah… you get it.