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Introducing: The Singular Sunglasses Collection!

When is your range of sunglasses coming? That day in April, when the sun hits you in the face for the first time in eight months after a long hard winter, your mind is heading in one direction. No wonder you have wondered why we keep talking about down puffers and pots :-) But the wait for our sunglasses collection has been so worth it, given the results (if we may say so ourselves). Five incredible models, the modern archetype series, has now finally arrived in store – and two more are on it’s way later this summer.
When in search of the absolute best sunglasses, we turned our heads to Japan. Nakanishi Vision is a family run company that has put love, passion and commitment to quality in their products through generations. With the highest possible respect for tradition and craft, paired with modern innovative techniques, this is where some of the best and most qualitative handmade frames and sunglasses in the world are being made. We feel incredibly grateful that we can count them as our partners!
Mr. Keiichi Nakanishi, president of Nakanishi Optical, summarizes the company’s  philosophy and the work with the Singular Society collection.
– Nakanishi Optical is a company that is present at its times and is always looking forward to the future through improvement of products and service. Our creative process starts by understanding the “user” of the frame and the environment of “use” and our material choice is linked to quality visually and functionally. The Singular Society collection is simply a collection of “must have” styles in uncompromised quality and with the highest level of craftsmanship.
All of our lenses come with Hydrophobic Coating (Stain Resistant, Water Repelling, Easy To Clean), Vioff AR Coating (Maximum UV A/B/C Protection, Anti-Reflective) and Anti-Scratch Coating. Stay shady, friends