Introducing: The Sea Island t-shirt

Sea Island T-shirt
Ever heard of Sea Island cotton? It’s a well kept treasure within raw materials and so rare that almost nobody knows it exists. Soon you will… but first, some high flying thoughts. 

Singular Society exists because we want to democratize quality by offering responsibly made products from some of the world’s best manufacturers – at the price of what they cost to make. This idea enables us to create incredible things within all areas for our members.

Sometimes, even ”impossible” products in the sense that the raw material is so expensive that nobody would probably buy the final product if sold with a traditional retail model. 

…introducing: The Sea Island t-shirt! This t-shirt is made from 100% Sea Island Cotton (Gyssopium Barbadense) which is primarily used for high end shirts, and originates from South America and the Caribbean, and is the finest cotton known to man thanks to its unparalleled softness, durability and overall fiber quality. In fact, it’s the longest cotton fibre on the planet and it’s scarcity and limited areas of origin also means that it’s quite rare to come across. That’s why we’re so incredibly excited to be able to offer you this one of a kind t-shirt.

Our membership price for the Sea Island T-shirt is 310 SEK. We know it’s quite a lot, but remember – when the price goes up, it’s a consequence of the quality. Nothing else.