Introducing: The magic knot

Let’s be honest. Everyday life is a series of problems. And it will continue to be. Because there is no conceivable future scenario where hurdles stop appearing and everything we do suddenly proceeds smoothly. Being human equals problem solving. But perhaps even more: the ability to enjoy it without getting gastric ulcer every time a new challenge occurs. Sounds a little bit zen again? We know. The truth is we get frustrated a lot of times. Like when we see products that haven’t been thought through all the way. This is one of the main reasons why Singular Society exists. We try to use that energy and turn it into creativity. Into products that solve problems, with more attention to quality and detail. Products that make life a little bit more… zen, if you like :)

When we developed our series of bed linen and duvets we all shared one common experience which pointed to a really annoying problem: no matter where we slept, the duvet insert never seemed to stay in place within the duvet cover, which often resulted in a long fight with our bedding fooling around, instead of a good night sleep. The duvet and the duvet cover should hold hands, not go separate ways. This needed to be fixed.

After giving it some thought we came up with a very simple idea. The Singular solution is a special knot on the inside of the corners that connects to our duvet inserts, to make sure they always stay in place. For the exact same reasons we oversized our flat sheets and made them perfectly square. The perfect series of life hacks for a good night’s sleep. It may not sound much, but considering how much time we spend in our bed, even the tiniest improvement on your sleeping quality can have a huge impact on your life.