Introducing: The enamelled cast iron casserole pot series

Casserole Pots

Let’s be honest. Cooking is a material sport and there are some stuff that's almost impossible to live without. The perfect knife, a genuine cutting board, a reliable frying pan, a beautiful cast iron casserole pot… Essentials that enhance the cooking experience to new heights. The problem is that those essentials are always, always, so disturbingly expensive that you hardly can afford the food you want to cook after you’ve bought them. Well, not anymore. Today we’re introducing the most affordable cast iron casserole pot on the planet.    
The Singular casserole pot is made with maximum attention to detail and quality making it the ultimate kitchen companion for all kinds of cooking, especially soups, stews, braised meats and deep frying. The durable cast iron material is an unparalleled heat conductor and the inside is applied with three layers of scratch-resistant enamel. It’s oven safe up to 260 degrees, and suitable for all heat sources. 

The Singular Society pots come in one color each – depending on the size of the pot – creating a natural unit of grey nuances that complements each other in a tone-in-tone effect and accentuate the beautiful matte coating. It's the kitchen companion you'd want to bring to a deserted island if you could only bring one thing (just double check there's a stove or oven there). And it will not cost you more than a bottle of high quality wine. Bon appetit.