Introducing 4 new colors!

In celebration of mixing and matching we’re now launching our beloved and bestselling series of percale bed linen in a new palette of colors. Choose your own favorite, or create a playful mix from: vetiver, mole, tofu, pink, greige or our classic sateen white.

The magic of mixing and matching your bed linen lies (pun intended) not only in its aesthetic effect, but it also makes it look and feel effortless – as if it is something that has evolved over time. Our range of now 6 colors has been developed with this bohemian philosophy in mind. They all go with each other, so just pick your favorites and put together your personal and unique combination.

The percale bed linen series is light and soft to the touch with high breathability and an eggshell finish, which makes them look and feel just as good without pressing, but the choice is entirely up to you of course. They are made from a uniquely developed extra thin thread of organic long staple cotton, woven in an extra high thread count of 320. To top it off, they´re stonewashed to create a subtle texture resulting in a fabric so thin and soft that it almost feels like it floats on top of your body, rather than lying onto it.

Last but not least: All of our flat sheets come slightly oversized in it's measurements, to help avoid the ”flat-sheets-that-don't-stay-in-place”-syndrome. And all of our duvet covers come with our ”magic knot”, a special knot solution on the inside of the corners that connects to our duvet inserts, to make sure they always stay in place.