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Introducing: 100% biodegradable espresso capsules


The newest member to the Singular Society coffee family is our 100% biodegradable espresso capsule, made with fresh high end organic coffee straight from the roaster! 

Incredible, right? In fact, it’s so incredible that when we wrote this text google docs tried to autocorrect the words ”espresso capsule” to “nespresso capsule”. Do we need to say more why this invention is so needed?

We love the simplicity of coffee capsules, but most capsules on the market today are in fact made in plastic and aluminum, with low-grade freeze dried coffee. We aimed to solve both these problems and you can now, for the first time, enjoy a cup of fresh high end coffee with the simplicity of a button push, and then take comfort in knowing that the capsule is 100% biodegradable.

The Singular signature blend is master roasted locally in Stockholm by our partners and multi award winning baristas Alexander Ruas and Oskar Alverus at Stand Out Coffee.

Oskar, tell us about the Singular signature blend?
– We have the honor to work with one of the best coffee farms in the world, the organic certified Fazenda Minamihara in Brazil. The Singular business model gives us the possibility to buy extremely fine raw coffee and pay the producers a very good rate but still be able to offer the final product to the Singular community at a very affordable price.

How is this unique?
– Well, what usually happens in the coffee market  is that farmers are pressured to sell their coffee too cheap, the consequence is that they get caught up in the so-called poverty trap. This is not the case with the Singular society coffee.

How does it taste?
– In your capsule you will find flavors of chocolate, nuts and ripe cherries. The chocolate is typical of the subspecies Red Obata, the cherry character comes from the drying process and nuts are flavors that we find in many coffees from Brazil.

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Whole beans or ground beans, espresso or filter coffee? We use The Singular signature blend for all our coffee. Only the best beans possible, from a single farm and land area. They are hand picked and master roasted locally, leaving you with a coffee that has a multitude of flavours, aftertaste and originality. No toxic pesticides or herbicides used, only biological treatments.