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Finding the perfect carry-on suitcase at the right price can be a challenge. Well, not anymore.

The Singular Society Suitcase Series is a collection of lightweight suitcases in three different sizes. Two classic check-in versions (93L and 65L) and one carry-on (33L)..

These high-quality suitcases are developed in collaboration with the world-renowned manufacturer Crown Luggage.

Erik Zetterberg, creative director of Singular Society, explains the philosophy behind the new luggage: “When designing our suitcase collection, we had experienced and frequent travellers in mind. You want your suitcase to be robust, durable, and lightweight. It needs to move smoothly and be easy to handle in city streets and aircraft aisles. Security, airport size compliance, and smart packing compartments are essential. Normally, this quality level costs a fortune, but thanks to the Singular business model, we can now offer state-of-the-art luggage at a fraction of the price."

The defining features of the Singular Society Suitcase Collection.