Bigger bags and a brand new bean!

We love coffee, and so do most of us, it seems :-)

Our 100% biodegradable espresso capsule of fresh brazilian coffee from Fazenda Minamihara with flavours of chocolate, nuts and ripe cherries has rapidly become a favourite. Now we’re adding another, slightly more powerful, option to our selection.

Introducing Smallholder farms Ethiopia, our Singular single origin coffee where we have the honour to work with the Chelchele washing station in the district of Gedeb, located in the world famous Yirgacheffe coffee region. Here under the shade from Acacia trees you find some of the worlds best high grown coffee at altitudes of 1950 meters, farmed by multi-generational small-scale landholders.
The beans are hand picked in Ethiopia and master roasted in Stockholm by our friends Alexander Ruas and Oskar Garberg from Standout Coffee, leaving you with a coffee that has a multitude of flavours, aftertaste and originality with tasting notes of fruit, caramel and hints of sweet herbs.

As always the Singular business model enables the use of extremely fine raw materials, while still paying the producers a very good rate – without letting it affect the affordability of the final product. With this model as a backbone, we are also happy to announce that we’re now offering our two filter ground bean coffee blends – Fazenda Minamihara and Smallholder farms Ethiopia – in 500g units (instead of 250g). This means you get twice as much but at a better price (and you don’t have to buy coffee all the time :-)