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Revo Coated Snorkel Mask

With 180° Panoramic Antifog Mirror Lens

Full product details
  • Don't use for children, only for adults
  • 180-degree panoramic view
  • O2 suction channel and CO2 venting channel
  • Anti-fog and anti-leak
  • Action camera mount

This full-face snorkel mask will let you experience the sea in a way you have never done before. The 180-degree panoramic view and the beveled mirror REVO coated high transmission mirror lens allow you to enjoy the underwater scenery in full spectrum. Smooth breathing with an innovative respiratory system, the O2 suction channel and the CO2 venting channel ensures that fresh air is inhaled, and CO2 is prevented from being inhaled again.

This incredible design increases the amount of oxygen entering the pipe by 50%, and the ergonomic breathing chamber creates an airflow away from your main viewing visor that helps eliminate fogging and will keep you snorkelling longer.

The PC material lens, frame and snorkel are robust and hard and will not break even if it collides, protecting you from scratches and the anti-fog and anti-leak gasket uses a soft and comfortable silicone so you won't feel uncomfortable while diving. To document your underwater experience just use the action camera mount and capture every amazing moment. This innovative mask will make you love snorkeling, whether you are a beginner or a pro. Remember to read the warning information below and the instructions manual for better use.

If the distance from your chin to the bridge of your nose is more than 4.7 inches (app. 12 cm), we recommend that you choose L/XL.

    Made in China by HUBO Sports.


    HUBO Sports
    Special products need special knowledge. HUBO Sports has been an industry leader in the goggles business since its start in 2011. This world class manufacturer specializes in all types of goggles, including ski, motorcycle, cycling and snorkeling equipment, they work with high end lens producers and have their own production process with molding, frame injection, ski lens processing, assembly, and advanced testing for goggles of all kinds. All products are CE & FDA certified.


    · Don’t use for children, only for adults.
    · Recommended to be used by competent swimmers.
    · Don’t snorkel alone, always have a companion.
    · Don’t snorkel in high water or rapid waves.
    · This product is for snorkeling use only.
    · Practice in shallow water or swimming pool.
    · Not suitable as life-saving equipment.
    · Inspect that snorkel tube is correctly installed.
    · Use for snorkeling only, not safe for diving.

    System dry top that hinders water intake
    This system dry top has been developed to hinder water from entering the snorkel whilst swimming in water conditions with light waves or when the user tilts their head forward to observe the bottom of the ocean. The snorkel is equipped with a floating ball that blocks the snorkel if it goes underwater. Remember to breathe out whilst going back up to the surface to ensure that the floating ball is once again released.

    Technical details

    180-degree panoramic view
    Anti-fog and anti-leak
    Action camera mount
    Dry top system
    Innovative respiratory system
    REVO coated mirror
    O2 suction channel
    CO2 venting channel
    Ergonomic breathing chamber
    REVO coated high transmission mirror lens.

    Material & Care

    Lens: PC (with UV protection coating)
    Frame & Snorkel: PC
    Gasket: Silicone
    Strap: Spandex, nylon, polyester

    Wash & Care: Wipe with microfiber bag

    Shipping Information
    We ship to all countries in the European Union. Read more about our rates and delivery times here. We accept returns within 14 days after you have received your order.


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