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Foldable Umbrella
Leather Handle

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Carbon Steel Open and Close Automatic Umbrella
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Mary Poppins would be proud to own this high performance, rain-repellent automatic open and close automatic umbrella. Its sturdy design makes it virtually windproof. It has been wind tunnel tested with wind speed over 80 km/h, the severe storm threshold, and passed exemplarily. Made with a steel and fibreglass frame, high-performance pongee fabric with a canopy span of 100cm, and an eco-leather handle. This is the perfect umbrella to keep in your bag on a cloudy day, and the reverse fold function ensures you don’t get soaked as you close your umbrella while getting into the car, or when your other hand is busy and you want to go through the door. Just ”click” and the road is clear. The open and close automatic umbrella will protect you from sudden rainfall on any occasion in life, keeping you calm and dry.

 Made in Poland



Canopy span: 100cm
Length: 28,5cm when folded
Windproof: 80km/h

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Total 150 kr

Singular price 150 kr

Estimated traditional retail price 375-850 kr

Our umbrellas are manufactured in collaboration with PARASOL, a company located in Częstochowa, Poland, with decades of umbrella making traditions. PARASOL is specialized in producing high quality umbrellas with a unique design. Application of advanced technologies into umbrella parts such as carbon steel, fiberglass, FRP plastics and carbon fiber allows the constant quality improvement of their products.