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Weekend Flowers

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Every Thursday-Saturday
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Weekend flowers is a unique concept and a true passion project in collaboration with floral designer and botanical artist Mirja Bozarth Fornell. Every week we have the honour to offer a haute couture bouquet of fresh top quality in season flowers, uniquely created by Mirja Bozarth Fornell, for you to pick up in our store at Gamla Brogatan 28.

Amaryllis ferrari, Hortensia dark ruby or Rose spray purple symphony? What kind of flowers the bouquet consists of depends on the seasonal flora, but regardless of which type, you can be sure that these flowers are as fresh and high quality as you can get.

Made in Sweden in exclusive collaboration with master florist Mirja Bozarth Fornell for Singular Society.


The flowers will be offered in our store at Gamla Brogatan 28, every Thursday-Saturday; just pop by the store to purchase your couture bouquet for the weekend. First come, first served. Easy right?

Please check out our sample images of some of the bouquets here, but to see exactly which bouquet we offer that week you need to check out Instagram story every Thursday @singular_society.

Flower Schedule

2/2 Hawaii - A pink frilly tulip
9/2 Rose Large La Blush // Rose Spray Wedding Pink Jewel // Rose Spray Jana // Rose Spray Purple Symp
16/2 Cherry Blossom
23/2 Zantedeschia Odessa // Fiery Orange Frilly Tulip

2/3 Tulip French Jonquiere
9/3 Strelizia // Cymbidium Pink Parfait
16/3 Anemone Blue
23/3 Tulip Parrot

Flower Care

Use a clean vase. Make fresh diagonal clean cuts on your stems and pop them in your vase with cool water. The woodier/harder stems usually prefer a warmer temperature, your juicer stems like it cooler. Change the water every few days, cut the stems again when you do this. Do not place the flowers close to your fruit bowl, and if you can place them in a slightly cooler room overnight then do so.

Additional Information

Please note that it is not possible to return or exchange the flowers.

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Boz Art & APH
Boz Art is a floral design studio founded by floral designer and botanical artist Mirja Bozarth Fornell. Based in Stockholm, Boz Art offers high end flower installations for private residentials, commercial clients, events, weddings and photo shoots. APH (Anders Perssons Handelsträdgård) is a family company, founded in Malmö i 1899. Today they are Sweden's leading importer of cut flowers and part of Blomstergrossisten. We are extremely proud to count both Boz Art and APH as our partners in this one of a kind-collaboration.