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Spaghettoni Toscani

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  • 100% Non-Gmo organic Cappelli durum wheat
  • Bronze drawn and egg free
  • 30% more absorbent to sauce than regular pasta
  • Made in Italy

Our artisan made Spaghettoni, in collaboration with the Tuscan family company Fabbri, is pasta like you haven’t experienced it before. Bronze drawn and created from a production process that is characterized by centuries-old product knowledge combined with machinery from the 1950’s still used in the pasta factory today.

The pasta is obtained by drawing and drying doughs composed of Italian durum wheat flour, made from 100% organic single-variety Cappelli wheat, which is characterized by high digestibility, never having undergone the genetic alterations of modern agriculture. It has a high content of resistant starches that reach the large intestine unaltered, resulting in countless benefits for your body, ranging from favouring the absorption of minerals such as calcium, to the prevention of intestinal diseases.

The result is an egg free pasta that is rougher, more porous and 30% more absorbent to sauce than smooth pasta. Spaghettoni is the largest form of spaghetti, the significant long pasta whose name comes from the word spago, meaning ”twine”. But how do you serve it?

Of course it can be enjoyed with many different sauces, simple or complicated: cacio e pepe, a ragù or even all’aglione (a garlic sauce), as is done in Tuscany. Or why don't you take advice from Giovanni Fabbri, the fourth generation and owner of the Fabbri company: ”A dash of high quality extra-virgin olive oil, a little pepper and a pinch of cheese”. You won’t believe the taste.

Made in Italy by Fabbri exclusively for Singular Society. 


Cooking Time: 18 minutes
Pasta Diameter: 2.8 cm
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.
Durum Wheat Origin: Tuscany
Durum Wheat Type: 100% Cappelli



Ingredients (EN): Organic DURUM WHEAT semolina, water. Contains gluten. may contain traces of egg and soy.

Nutritional values (100g). Energy 347 kcal / 1452 KJ. Fat 1,5g (saturated fat 0,5g). Carbohydrates 70g (sugars 2,8g). Fibre 2,9g. Protein 12,7g. Salt 0,02mg.

Ingredienser (SE): DURUM VETE, vatten. Innehåller gluten. Kan innehålla spår av ägg och soya.

Näringsvärden (100g). Energi 347 kcal / 1452 KJ. Fett 1,5g (mättat fett 0,5g). Kolhydrater 70g (socker 2,8g). Fiber 2,9g. Protein 12,7g. Salt 0,02mg.

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Pastificio Artigiano Fabbri S.A.S in Tuscany is one of the most renown pasta makers in the world. The family company has made pasta exactly the same way since 1893, without any changes, passing the company down directly from father to son in Piazza Emilio Landi in Strada in Chianti, Tuscany. For five generations the Fabbri Method has focused on the entire supply chain: from the choice of the best wheat, to delicate pasta-making techniques and drying at natural temperatures. All with the original bronze machinery and dies of the 1950s. We are proud to count them as partners.