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Limited edition

Merino Wool Beret

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100% Merino Wool
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  • Limited edition drop
  • 100% merino wool
  • Made in France

Faye Dunaway's iconic version of Bonnie Parker would love this exquisitely crafted Merino Wool Beret, made from 100% merino wool. Or Pablo Picasso for that matter. The Basque classic is a headwear that fits all year round, guaranteed to deliver both comfort and chicness for different seasons and reasons. Best of all: unlike many other berets this Merino Wool Beret won't itch your forehead thanks to the softness of the merino wool.

This exclusive limited edition drop is a unisex, one size fits all product. It’s made in collaboration with Arhas International, a Made in France company since 1989. Each piece is made in their workshop in Champigny-sur-Marne, outside Paris. Care for it, and you can wear it with your head held high for many years to come.

Made in France by Arhas International exclusively for Singular Society.


100% Merino Wool

Wash & Care

Machine washing, hand washing and dry cleaning are excluded for felted merino wool. In case of stains, blot with absorbent paper and clean with a soft brush or a natural sponge soaked in warm water and Marseille soap, avoiding excessive wetting of the beret and the leather brim.

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Arhas International 
Arhas International has been producing made in France hats since 1989. They are known worldwide for their attention to craftsmanship and quality, and each piece is entirely handmade and exclusively made from natural fibres in the workshop in Champigny-sur-Marne, outside Paris. We are proud to count them as partners.