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The Singular Society Forest

An important part of our promise to produce responsibly made products is to become climate neutral by absorbing all our emissions – and to support sustainable ecosystems and local communities while doing so. The way to do this? Many. We decided to start by planting trees to help offset our carbon footprint.

The goal is to become climate neutral by 2030 and climate positive by 2040. To help us reach that goal we have partnered with our friends at Treedom, an italian company that finances small agroforestry projects around the world. The Treedom philosophy is to allow thousands of farmers to support the initial costs of planting new trees, ensuring food autonomy and income opportunities over time.

And now we are very excited that the Singular Forest has started to grow as trees have been planted in five different countries: Nepal, Colombia, Cameroon, Kenya and Tanzania – growing crops like coffee, cacao and lime. The trees and their fruits belong to the farmers, allowing them to diversify and supplement their income. All the trees are geo-localized and photographed and have their online page. Please visit the Singular Society forest here.

Since its foundation in 2010, more than one million trees have been planted in Africa, South America and Italy by Treedom. In 2014 Treedom became part of the Certified B Corporations, a network of companies that stand out for high environmental and social performance. The tree planting activities contribute to the achievement of 10 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations Development Program to ensure a sustainable future.